Rehabilitation Program for mothers with Muscular Dystrophy children

“ Discover the Potential of my child Session”

Within this 3 hours consultation with Clementine, you will learn where are the blockages in the nervous system, organs, muscles through a specific questionnaire and what are the different possibilities to resolve your child’s challenges such as lack of muscle strength , scoliosis, loss of weight, lack of balance etc…

“ 1 year Online Unlock the Potential of my child Program“

Includes first assessment and consultation, 6 half days online training and adjustments every 3 months, 6 private coaching calls with Clementine , illustrated PDF for specific diet, shopping list, brain gym exercises etc…
With this program , you will feel completely supported and guided . You can expect a significant improvement in digestion , immune system, anxiety level within the first few weeks . After few months, major improvements in the mobility and energy level , stabilisation of body weight and positive attitude. Every 3 months , you will get a new personalised protocol according to the new development and the areas you like to work on such as flexibility, mobility, muscle growth etc …

“4 days Raise the Potential of my child Home based Intensive Program”

Reflexology foot massage to a female child in naturopath studio

Includes Clementine to come to your home and set up all necessary steps for the vitality andautonomy of your child : first consultation and manual assessment, 3 full days training with personalised protocol for 3 months intensive stimulation, MD Brain gym exercises, MD Detoxification tests and recommendation for supplements, homeopathy, herbal remedies. Cooking lessons for MD special Diet, Restoring energy level of your house and 6 private calls are also part of this package.
PS : flight ticket and accommodation are not included.
With this home based program, you will feel completely confident with the specific techniques, exercises and recipes, having the expert Clementine showing you personally steps by steps each protocol and creating the optimum environment for your child . Specific tests will double the efficiency of the therapies so that you can expect major improvements in the mobility, coordination, muscle strength and postural correction within the year . We recommend to follow up with online adjustments every 3 months for maximum results and support.

 PS : flight ticket and accommodation not included

“10 days Awaken the Potential of my child Detox Retreat in Cyprus”


Include 3 days Parent Group Training , MD detoxification Tests , everyday intensive therapies such as Temprana Rehabilitation, Bio Resonance therapies, Acupuncture(optional), MD Mindset shift & Visualisations, Inner Tai Chi, Breathing exercises with Clementine and a team of highly qualified specialists.
During this retreat, you will feel completely taking in charge of, you will immerse yourself and your family in a well being environment with a strong peer group of like  minded parents looking for solutions for their child. This is an opportunity for you to learn specific techniques from Clementine and other experts that you can incorporate at your home based.
After 10 days, you can expect a clear improvement in the digestion, level of energy and in themobility. You will be then equipped with a specific protocol for the needs of your child , supplements and exercises for the next 3 months.
Perfect with any other programs once a year as a boost.