Rehabilitation Program for mothers with Muscular Dystrophy children

I help mothers with MD children who lost muscle strength and vitality to see their children to increase strength , grow muscles and live a healthier and autonomous life

Through My Muscular Dystrophy No More 4X program

Portrait of Clementine Ynna, founder of 'Me, My Son, and Muscular Dystrophy,' smiling warmly, wither her young son, embodying hope and resilience.


‘Me, My Son and Muscular Dystrophy’

This is not only the personal story of how we overcame muscular dystrophy, but a guide for you to do the same!

‘Me, My Son and Muscular Dystrophy’

This is not only the personal story of how we overcame muscular dystrophy, but a guide for you to do the same!

Assessment “Discover the Potential of my child "

At Temprana Team , we understand that every individual’s medical history is unique, and that’s why our programs are tailored to meet each

person’s specific needs. Based on the consultation and analysis of your child or adult with brain or motor function problems, Clementine, our experienced Temprana instructor will design an individualized program to address their specific situation.

Please note that the Temprana Home Training method is a long-term process, requiring dedication and consistency.The program will need to be performed 4-7 times a week for a minimum of 12 months.This commitment is crucial for achieving the desired results in rebuilding muscles and increasing vitality in a natural and non-invasive manner.

1 year Online "Unlock the Potential of my child Program“

Home Training with the Temprana Neuro Reflex Therapy method is a long-term process, as the program – depending on each person’s situation – has to be performed 4-7 times a week for at least 12 months.

The full program takes 1 hour and 15 minutes a day to perform, but it can be divided into 2 sessions of 35-40 minutes. 

For example: – hands and feet in the morning and face in the evening when the baby should sleep. 

Stimulation of the face is very relaxing. Therefore, performing a face reflex therapy program is advisable before sleeping.


Follow-up consultations after a 3-day training course

When the stimulation program is taught, the family does not need any additional courses, but they must carry out the correct procedures and follow up on any adjustment consultation appointments for their program every 3-4 months. 

The follow-up consultations take approximately 2-3 hours.



With this program , you will feel completely supported and guided . You can expect a significant improvement in digestion , immune system, anxiety level within the first few weeks .

After few months, major improvements in the mobility and energy level , stabilisation of body weight and positive attitude.

“4 days Raise the Potential of my child Home based Intensive Program”

Includes Clementine to come to your home and set up all necessary steps for the vitality and autonomy of your child.

Pre Consulting Temprana Assessment, 3 -day Training Course, PDF Protocol Manual ,  Brain Gym Exercises, Nutrition Education, Detoxification tests and  Supplements, Homeopathy, Herbal remedies Recommandations . 

Cooking lessons for  Special Diet, Restoring the energy level of your house and 6 private calls are also part of this package.
PS: flight tickets and accommodation are not included.


With this Home-based Program, you will feel completely confident with the Specific Techniques, Exercises, and  Lifestyle, having the Expert, Clementine showing you personally steps by steps the tailor made protocol and creating the optimum environment for your child. 


Specific tests will double the efficiency of the therapy, you can expect major improvements in mobility, coordination, muscle strength, and postural correction within the year. 

Follow ups can be done at your home or online  every 3-4 months


“10 days Awaken the Potential of my child Detox Retreat in Cyprus”


> 3 days of Parent Group Training

> Detoxification Tests

> Intensive therapies such as Temprana Rehabilitation, Bio-Resonance therapies, Acupuncture (optional)

>  Mindset shift & Visualisations

> Inner Tai Chi , Breathing exercises 

During this retreat, you will feel completely taken in charge of,  you will immerse yourself and your family in a well-being environment with a strong peer group of like-minded parents looking for solutions for their children.

 This is an opportunity for you to learn specific techniques from Clementine and other experts that you can incorporate at your home.

After 10 days, you can expect a clear improvement in digestion, level of energy, and in mobility. 

You will be then equipped with a specific protocol for the needs of your child, supplements, and exercises for the next 3 months.

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