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I help mothers with MD children who lost muscle strength and vitality to see their children to increase strength , grow muscles and live a healthier and autonomous life

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What is the first step to reverse Muscular Dystrophy?


The First Step is to heal the Gut!

Why this step?

When I asked Dr Raj, the detoxification expert :”Now we are treating the leaky gut ?”

He answered me :”Yes that’s what we need to do first, detoxification is then very easy…All the World is now looking for the solution to eliminate the heavy metals..”

The tone and the certainty of his tone’s voice confirm me that he does know how to do it.

And healing the gut is the first and most important step.

Muscular dystrophy is a malnutrition problem and nutritional deficiency (cf Muscular Dystrophy: the Truth )

Have you heard about the leaky gut syndrome ?

Here are some of the reactions, as you see as those toxins, food particles pass to the blood stream and lymphatic vessels , its creating loads of inflammation and immune disorders .


leaky gut pic

In order to stop the inflammation , we need first to define the food sensitivities, allergies and reduce the triggers which are the ongoings irritants to the mucosa of the small intestines linings .

So what are those triggers:


Here is a list of few triggers for the gut:

  • heavy metals (aluminium, arsenic, mercury …etc)
  • food intolerances and allergies: this is one of the culprit cause when the gut is ill, you started to become intolerant to almost everything as the body started to associate everything such as not digested foods,or dairy as pathogen .
  • antibiotics  and drugs especially anti inflammatories: they contained heavy metals such as aluminium
  • pesticides: In Cyprus, they tend to still use some Round up (glyphosate) even though it has been banned from Europe due to his toxicity
  • hormones, GMO
  • Candida or yeast growth: Gabrillian is following a diet that reduce candida 
  • harmful bacteria and harmful waves :according to some studies the exposure to EMF waves can make some bacterias such as E. coli anti bacterial  resistant  , so basically even antibiotics will then become inactif against infections.


What are the sources :

Did you ever think that your pan could be toxic for you ? Yes, Teflon coating pans contained PFOA which is cancerigen, hormone disruptor and a reproductive toxin. You can use instead stainless steel pan as an alternative .


Heavy metals sources:

  • Teflon coated pans, aluminium foils : In France , we like to cook fishes in aluminium foils , we called it “poisson papillotes”, in Cyprus they like to place potatoes in foils in oven or in barbeque . I learned to place some unbleached parchment paper instead .
  • Vaccines, antibiotics, anti inflammatories : I prefer to act as prevention and boost his immune function  to avoid infections in most cases. For this purpose, I used pure ” Frankincense” extract imported from the Sallalah desert of Oman,the highest quality and richest in Boswellic acid,  with a specific diet .In case he got sick I prepare some homemade Frankincense water. It is very efficient especially for colds, flues, body cleanse, gastroenteritis ….
  • Water: we drink only filtered water.
  • Fishes, meats: Fishes contain a lot of mercury so I used a ratio list for Mercury vs Selenium ratio to find out which fishes are better to avoid such as sharks, red mullet, sword fish from USA… In Cyprus, men like to hunt small birds and eat them as a delicacy, many lead poisoning have been reported after such a meal.


Pesticides, hormones :

  • Vegetables, fruits : extensive agriculture has leading to the use of strong pesticides which damage our gut linings . Apples, all greens, strawberries are some of the most contaminated by pesticides . I buy all of my greens salad, spinach , kales, apples , berries in an organic market .
  • Milk: I use alternatives such as unsweetened almond , coconut milk, they are delicious with oats, dairy free and free from hormones.
  • Chicken, eggs: I buy fresh organic, free range, grass feeding poultry and I make the original Dr Raj’ s recipe to heal and restore the gut lining.
  • Meats: Processed meat are often soya feeding, we eat clean, lean meat.
  • Farmed fishes: they also use soya to feed them so prefer wild fishes. I’m lucky that the father of my son is a passionate of fishing so we get some freshly caught fishes .
  • From wombs: Did you know that you can share through placenta, heavy metals such as mercury to your baby with such a thing as teeth filling ?!


Extract of The Recovery Protocol, by Ken Presner

It is not commonly known, but mercury from fillings crosses the placenta and is in the brain and every organ of the unborn child at 2x mother‘s levels. Mercury is also in breast milk. […]So, it is no surprise that there are many neurological diseases directly attributable to mercury poisoning from so-called silver amalgam fillings — including autism, cerebral palsy, ADD, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.”


Food intolerances and allergies:

  • Gluten : Today, our gluten has been much more modified in order to fit the “high consumption society” . The flour for our daily bread has been modified in order to be more flexible for industrial work that replaced the manual artisan world. Also due to a high consumption of it and the increase of toxins our digestive system has become more sensitive to it . It is then better to avoid it and eat cereal that are naturally without gluten such as buckwheat, millet, quinoa etc
  • Dairy: Gabrillian is intolerant to any dairy and actually most of the world population can tolerate no more than 12 g a day of dairy.


Dr Mathieu, hepato-gastroenterologist, CHU Grenoble, France


“There are 4.5 billion people on Earth who cannot digest dairy products. It can be felt as minor discomfort to a major one. “


I give to my son some coconut milk, cheese and yogurt without sugar.

  • Eggs
  • Dark vegetables: such as onions, tomatoes, eggplants…
  • FODMAP’s:{fermentable oligosaccharides (fructans, galacto-oligosaccharides), disaccharides (lactose), monosaccharides (fructose) and polyols (sorbitol, mannitol, xylitol, maltitol):

It is also found a lot in garlic, artichokes, peas, lentils, peaches, melon, pomegranate, grapes, sausages, honey, milk, apples, pears, asparagus, beets, cabbage, beans, coffee, parsley, leeks …

Sensitivity can vary from person to person. For example for my son it’s with beans but he can eat red lentils.

All dairy products are high in FODMAPs, and rye and barley are high in fructans and galactans.


How to find out ?


We started with an exclusion diet which consists of:

  1. exclude one food category (dairy products, gluten, etc.) at a time for a minimum of one week to one month
  2. seek clinical improvement: keep a daily diary with the composition of the different meals, the body’s reactions, the condition of the stools
  3. Then reintroduce that food, this is called a challenge test, so you can be sure whether or not you are food intolerant depending on the reaction (emergency, hives, stomach pain, hyperactivity, etc.).
  4. If this food causes an allergic reaction, then it is recommended:

– eliminate this ingredient for at least 6 months and reintroduce it once a week in your diet as a treat.

– take refreshing herbs regularly such as infusion of milk thistle or gentian or  homeopathic remedies to help support the membranes of the gastrointestinal tract.

Later, Dr Raj gave to my son: Berberris Homaccord, an homeopathic supplement to support the liver  and Bach flowers to calm the body under constant stress.


  • Do a Vega testing 

A Vega testing is a great tool to find out if you have any intolerances and good guidelines for your exclusion diet to know which particular food you should avoid. You might get surprised!

To do a Vega testing, a naturopath practionner use a bio resonance machine.

This machine explores our energetic relationship with a certain nutrient by working on the emitted frequency. The machine also emits a sound which can be quite pinched if the observed food were not good for Gabrillian. This means that this food creates a stress in his physical body. I also learned that this technique is also used in kinesiology, we apply an equal pressure on the outstretched arm of the person and if the person is weakened by such or such thought, the arm falls proving that the muscle itself become weaker …

When Dr Georges,the practionner who was treating Gabrillian, gave me the analysis sheet “Vegatest”, he explains me that Gabrillian is intolerant to citrus fruits, dairy products, so we had to avoid cow’s milk, goat’s milk ect and also any cheese, all yogurt, no butter …. Peas in general had to be avoided too with the exception of lentils, Dr Raj advised me later to prefer orange lentils. The worst thing for Gabrillian was sugar in all of these forms. Dr Georges explained me then that for most people sugar creates inflammation in the body , but in Gabrillian’s case it creates double inflammation.


  • Do a hair mineral testing

Did you know that we get rid of our toxins through our hair and nails ? 

That’s why this technique is very efficient in finding the amount and which heavy metals we are carrying in our body . It is recommanded to do it few times in order to find out if the mineral you use to get rid off of heavy metals is working .


When Dr Georgiou gave me the sheet, he explains me that the minerals, trace elements of Gabrillian were at a good level but the levels of Arsenic and Aluminum were quite high. 

Today we are adding to his food some spirulina.