Rehabilitation Program for mothers with Muscular Dystrophy children

I help mothers with MD children who lost muscle strength and vitality to see their children to increase strength , grow muscles and live a healthier and autonomous life

Through My Muscular Dystrophy No More 4X program

Portrait of Clementine Ynna, founder of 'Me, My Son, and Muscular Dystrophy,' smiling warmly, wither her young son, embodying hope and resilience.

Welcome to the Muscular Dystrophy Free Training

Portrait of Clementine Ynna, founder of 'Me, My Son, and Muscular Dystrophy,' smiling warmly, embodying hope and resilience.

Dear Parents,

Do you maybe worry for your child declining and loosing his ability to walk?
Do you sometimes feel lonely in this challenge , missing proper guidance about what to do next? Did you also try maybe many different techniques without any success?

Hi, my name is Clementine Ynna, I’m a Neuro rehabilitation therapist.

I work with mothers...

 …with Muscular Dystrophy children who lost muscle strength, vitality and mothers who feel hopeless and I help them to see their children to increase strength, develop muscles and live a healthier and autonomous life!


Mothers who have tried many different things and are disappointed about traditional medical care, and are tired of waiting for a cure!


What distinguishes my services...


 …from other doctors, naturopath, physiotherapists, is that I am myself a mother with MD child who successfully rehabilitated him so I have personal experience in my own life.


What else separates me from others is that I have more than 17 years of experience in helping people with severe conditions. I have specialised for Muscular Dystrophy and I have used different techniques for that condition.


Thanks to that, mothers can see their children moving again, growing their muscles, have more energy and live a happy healthy life.


Yes, it's true! This is NOT a misprint.


Today my son can walk, jump and run!

Your Gift


Тhis free video training below, in which I share with you the Secrets of:


• The Real Truth about Muscular Dystrophy

• The 3 Simple and Natural Methods that I used to improve the Motor Function and health of my son

• How I Detoxified his body

• The Muscular Dystrophy Diet that I used to help develop his muscles and reduce inflammation


Would you like me to guide you personally?



And see your child to strengthen muscles, improve balance and increase vitality?


We can discuss about your special needs and challenges with your child and work together on a plan during an introductory session. This is a 30-min session (completely free for you) where I get to know your situation and then help you create your program and discuss with you the possible solutions.



Thank you.

Clementine Ynna

Muscular Dystrophy Expert