Rehabilitation Program for mothers with Muscular Dystrophy children

I help mothers with MD children who lost muscle strength and vitality to see their children to increase strength , grow muscles and live a healthier and autonomous life

Through My Muscular Dystrophy No More 4X program

Portrait of Clementine Ynna, founder of 'Me, My Son, and Muscular Dystrophy,' smiling warmly, wither her young son, embodying hope and resilience.


What My Clients Say

Muscular Dystrophy Recovery

The journey with my son.
From not having impulses to jump, loosing balance, legs going outwards , falling down TO being able to walk with ease, jump, run and feeling confident and happy.

A mother of 11 years old boy with Duchenne talks about her results with Clementine Tsvetanov

From 51 lbs to more than 63 lbs !
From not having a bowel movement to up than 6 days to 1 movement every day!
From anxiety, no breathing properly to peaceful sleep !
From fatigue after 10 minutes to swim more than 4 hours without feeling tired!

Natalie, mother of Ravion, 11 years old boy with Duchenne explains her results with Clementine Tsvetanov and confidence towards the future !

Mary with fibromyalgia, talking about her results with Clementine Tsvetanov, Neuro Reflex specialist

Mary with Fibromyalgia is talking about her results with Neuro Reflex therapies and Bio regulation therapies. She is now able to walk again, she has regain energy and feel happy and confident about the future !

Success with Neurological Symptoms from Peri-Menopause

Marnie used to have lower back pain with numbness and pins and needles in arms, hot flushes, skin disorders, digestive issues, bad mood swings that goes from aggressive to depressive state .

An hormonal test and manual assessment of neurological areas were performed to find the glands out of balance and blockages of spinal nerves.

All symptoms fade away after a little more than a month of neuro reflex stimulation to regulate hormones, increase hormones responsable to protect the nerves, increase nerve influx of the upper back and lower back.

Supplements and diet were recommanded to repair nerves , favorise nerve function and regulate hormones and elimination.

Specific stretchings and exercises to support postural correction with her demanding work.

How I improved by 65% the muscle strenght and health of my son born with Muscular Dystrophy

Clementine Tsvetanov, Muscular Dystrophy Expert and mother of a 9 years old boy born with Muscular Dystrophy explains about one of the specific technique she uses to rehabilitate her son and her fantastic results !Today, her son is a happy boy and he can walk, run and jump!

Gaby before
Gaby after

During the lockdown, my son ‘s spine has started to go to the side because of not being able to go to physiotherapy twice a week as usual, trying to follow me during my cardio exercises with not always a correct posture , and probably also some emotional patterns due to the situation…

Yesterday I decided to do on him, one of the latest therapies I learned in Neuro Reflex Therapy inspired from the latest researches on motor sensitive function and here are just few pictures of the results.
As you can see the whole posture changed , and this morning I felt his gait was better and he looks refreshed and happy.
I don’t always like to expose my son but I thought if it can help many , I will so hope that can inspire some of you !
Looking for the next results sessions.
Before and After

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Fantastic Results with weight loss, cravings and hormonal unbalance!

A 50 years old lady came to me with a problem of weight gain.

She was really struggling , not able to loose any weight even trying out different diets, nothing seems to work .
 During our consultation and assessment, I found out that she was diagnosed from menopause from 39 years old and always suffered before from heavy menstruation, struggled to get pregnant , fainting sometimes from anaemia and difficulties to fall asleep .
After analysing her hormones level , I designed a protocol to help her to balance her oestrogen level and adrenal glands.
Working in combination with Neuro reflex therapy, sound therapy and amino acids supplementation to increase serotonin and reduce her addictions , a specific detox diet  and a parasite cleanse, after 4 sessions only, she started to feel much better and loose weight.
She used to lie on her bed for more than 30 minutes trying to fall asleep and now she fall asleep with ease!
She used to crave sugar and chocolate but not anymore !
She used to suffer from digestive issues but she has now regular bowel movements!
After 1 month of therapy twice at week, she lost 5 kgs!
Today after 3 months of therapy, 1 every 10 days to maintain , she has lost more than 9 kgs without feeling any restriction and limitations, just with simple lifestyle changes and some walking 2 a day !

A 62 year old woman diagnosed with celiac disease with chronic constipation

She follows a strict gluten free diet and low FODMAP diet. She eats no carbohydrates, and no sugar. She takes Vit C, zinc and magnesium to avoid tummy aches and constipation.

After only one session of Neuro Reflex therapy combined with Vagus Nerve therapy, her digestion improved.
The vagus nerve is a cranial nerve that connects the  brain with the gut and therefore stimulating it, helping to balance the microbiome, balance good and bad bacteria for better digestion. Special technique was also used to stimulate the motility of the intestines while releasing mucus formed from processed food on the colon wall.
After 4 sessions, she is eating a more varied diet, without side effects and constipation has improved. She now has a bowel movement every morning.
As Celiac disease is an auto immune disease affecting the mucosa of the intestines, we are now working on improving the immune system and balancing production of important cytokines.
We are also working on releasing pinched nerves of her lower back to increase nerve impulses and circulation to her gut and improve digestion and absorption.
She is now started to exercise again such as yoga, pilates, stretching and swimming, while eating a varied and healthy diet.
She uses Frankincense supplement to boost immune function.
Client comment
“Clémentine is extremely professional, her therapy room is spotlessly clean. She is very knowledgeable, caring and friendly.
Not only has Neuro Reflex Therapy helped me tremendously, the treatment is so very wonderful and relaxing.
I thoroughly recommend her treatment.”

Results with a patient with essential tremors for more than 30 years.

My patient tremors are increasing if stressed, eat more gluten or dairy or drink more coffee or alcohol.
I used a combination of neurological points, acupuncture points  and cranial lines to regulate a part of our brain called the tremor area.
This part is responsible of involuntary movements and shakings.
After evaluating and analysing reflexes areas, spinal reflexes and micro systems to assess the brain function and body functions, I created a treatment plan to regulate those areas such as the frontal lobe and adrenals glands responsible for our anxiety level, behaviour and movement dysfunctions.
I also include points to release trauma that were store in his central nervous system and muscle cell memory make it impossible for him to act in a different way such as shaking  when confront to the same emotional distress.
After 3 months of therapy, he feels much more calm, his wife mentioned also that his stress level has significantly decreased and his focus and attention improved.
After 6 months of therapy, my client is feeling much more productive at work, his tremors has started to decrease significantly also tend to still be there in big emotional distress or fear of being clumsy.
He has managed to change some of his lifestyle such as reducing dramatically his alcohol and coffee intake by 75% and has increased his awareness on things that triggers fatigue and stress to his body such as overeating, inappropriate physical exercises, overusing cell phone…
After 9 months, my client mention that his tremors have decreased to 50 % and his wife confirm the efficiency of the therapy by mentioning anecdotes where her husband remember everything when nobody does, stay so calm and intuitive even though the challenging times they are now facing with the crisis in Cyprus.  

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