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“All diseases start in the Gut” Hippocrates

The first time , I heard about this, I was sitting in an Ayurveda training class. Sachin, the ayurvedic teacher was saying that : “if Sleep and Diet are ok, it’s already 50% cured”! He continued by saying that all diseases are consequences of a wrong diet and then an accumulation of undigested nutrients in the body called Aama.

Aama in Ayurvedic medicine: Error of metabolism due to weakness of digestion( Agni)  create metabolic errors then pathology.

So Aama would be a toxic residue in the body , a consequence of a weak digestion .The Ayurveda text here refers to the” fire of the digestion” which means the high or low acidity level of the stomach according to each person constitution.

For example if you eat too much spicy and greasy food  and you have a high acidity level in stomach ,this will create heartburn, acid reflux, bloating etc..Or if you eat too much mucus- forming ( dairy), oily food, salt , sugar, and you have a low acidity level in your stomach , you will experience a slow and difficult digestion , a sluggish immunity etc…

So when the digestion is disturbed, the body creates a mucus and fails to create the necessary enzymes to break down the food, and then vital nutrients won’t be absorbed by the body, resulting in malnutrition issues and then diseases.

Have you ever wondered when you take vitamins , and you see your urine become orange or bright yellow? why? You should have absorbed them , right? Or did you just throw your money to the toilet?

In India, they follow procedures in hospitals with ayurvedic doctors called Panchakharma. Individuals stays for at least 2 weeks and receive regular cleansing and purgation therapies in order to get rid off the Aama and they follow a specific diet with healing oils , herbs, spices, roots according to their own condition and constitution in order to restablish the digestive fire and then favorise digestion and absorption.

Have you heard about leaky gut syndrome?

One day , I asked Dr Raj, my son ‘s doctor: ” so first we need to work on the Leaky Gut , is that correct?”, his answer was positive . If we don’t heal first the gut , we will obtain very few results or short term results as “it’s like to have an open knob and trying to fill up a bathtub..”

How it works ?

There are some “tight junction proteins” as you can see that usually allow good nutrients to go to the bloodstream and prevent harmful compounds to enter the body.

When there is a damage of the intestine lining caused by medication , heavy metals , food intolerances, bad bacterias, harmful waves etc , those proteins doesn’t make their job and create an acute inflammation and then an auto immune condition called leaky gut Syndrome.

I remember, the first time I explained to Dr Georgiou , naturopath, that my son has already taken maybe 15 courses of antibiotics and he was only 3 years old. He told me: ” That’s a crime! ” and I understand why now ! He gave me some natural alternatives to antibiotics which does’t contain aluminium!

What is the link between Leaky Gut and Muscular Dystrophy?

We need here, to get aware: How is my digestion? How is my gut health ( balance between good and bad bacteria)?

We need to have a good digestion to absorb vital nutrients and then stay healthy.

Leaky Gut Syndrome creates nutritional deficiency because of metabolic errors such as a lack of enzymes necessary to break down nutrients which can’t then be absorbed by the body…

So Leaky Gut creates malnutrition which is the root cause of Muscular Dystrophy.

Nutritional Muscular Dystrophy is a disease caused by a deficiency of selenium and vitamin E in dietary intake. Wikipedia

In order to adress the real root cause of Muscular Dystrophy , we first need to restore the Gut and the inflammation caused by the Leaky Gut Syndrome.

One day , Dr Raj told me : ” All the World is now wondering how to detoxify , the secret is first you have to heal the Gut and after that it’s very easy with Cilantro, Chlorella…”

One of the first step I used to recover my son was to heal his Gut and only from there I could see positive and long term results !

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