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How I improved my son's immune system with an appropriate diet

I used to get so frustrated with Gabrillian’s immune system as soon as he was getting better , he was getting sick again  …A simple flu needed more than 2 weeks to heal and recover… And of course , doctors used to always prescribed him antibiotics and then another course…

A cough would affect systematically his bronchi and he would need ventolin to calm his asthmatic cough..

The doctors kept giving him different antibiotics as the treatment was not efficient …

A simple wound would become infected by swimming in a pool and required five course of antibiotics without success …

This used to be the everyday life of Gabrillian until I boost his immune system by changing his diet.

When Diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need.” Ayurvedic Proverb

Dr Raj is an alternative medicine practitioner and with his help we define a very strict, personalised and powerful diet for my son.


Extract of my report

During one of our regular skype call and appointments , Dr Raj explain me the procedure to follow when Gabrillian ‘s immune system is down and  need to be balanced …

Skype Call 7 August 2017

_ Hello Clementine, how are you? How is Gabrillian ?

_ Hello Dr. Raj, we are fine thank you, we have just returned from our trip to France for his muscle biopsy […] Gabrillian also had an infection with staphylococcus aureus in his leg … three times! The doctors and dermatologist told me to give him some antibiotics, which I did reluctantly and still the infection is coming back. I’m now giving him some Mangosteen juice …

_ That will not work … This kind of parasites are big time in the nose and ears and it will come back … I will tell you what you will do! The Bac-Tox remedy cure is the one for this kind of bacteria, you will give him in a liter of water with Solidago and Carduus (these are remedies for the liver and kidneys) to help with the elimination. Also you will make him the massage twice a day and give him the bone broth I recommended you twice a day. Also once a week you will rub it with hibiscrub that you will find in pharmacies.


_ I also noticed that Gabrillian get tired very quickly while eating and he vomited already twice…it was more bile than anything else, he says he can not eat, he is tired …

I notice Dr Raj’s slightly worried expression, then he pulls himself together and recommends the following things ..  

_”You are now going to avoid giving him nuts, seeds,… nut butters is okay though… No grain such as rice and quinoa, no vegetables with dark skins such as tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, potatoes …
Also avoid fruits and not too much legumes either ..
Give him a lot of green vegetables such as spinach, chard ect, which are easier to digest. Blend the vegetables  and keep only a few small pieces of meat in the soups. Give him eggs for breakfast and occasionally gluten-free porridge and twice a day, chicken broth with meat or fish and some green vegetables …”

After 2 weeks time, Gabrillian got much better, he didn’t vomit again neither he got again a staphylococcus infection!

There are different stage of my son’s diet and according to the condition of his gut and his immune system , I had to adapt and be more strict. Repairing the gut is not a ” straight line” process, there are ups and downs …

I also been monitoring and recording his everyday’s meals in a notebook and any body reactions such as loose stools, vegetables skin in stools, rushes, belly pain, constipation…

Today Gabrillian is still following the diet with less restrictions also he has loads of energy, he might get sick twice a year and I haven’t gave him antibiotics for maybe 2 years !

All diseases start in the Gut .”  Hippocrates



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