Rehabilitation Program for mothers with Muscular Dystrophy children

I help mothers with MD children who lost muscle strength and vitality to see their children to increase strength , grow muscles and live a healthier and autonomous life

Through My Muscular Dystrophy No More 4X program

What is the first step to reverse Muscular Dystrophy?

Secret  1  I changed my way of thinking and wrote clear goals!!!

Gabrillian was 2 years old when he started to walk even thought he kept falling…Few months later, I was announced by the director paediatrician of Bourgoin Hospital , France, that Gabrillian would need to undergo another EMG…he wrote in his letter to his colleagues neuro paediatricians that my son had an incorrect gait, an hyperlordosis, no achillean and rotulian reflexes,  clear Gower signs when standing or half kneeing positions, get easily tired,  not able to jump, neither to pedal…They thought about juvenile spinal amyotrophy, they are now talking muscular dystrophy

Today, Gabrillian he’s able to walk for 600 m without falling, he can climb stairs without help…and he can ride a bycycle. And last update, he is able to walk on a treadmill for 10 minutes with 0.5 kg on each leg.

My first and most important step was to change my mindset.

To change my outer world , I have to change first my inner world.

When you are no longer able to change a situation, you are challenged to change yourself” Victor Frankl

This quote appear on my screen when I was feeling in the worst bottom of my life, I was going through separation with my ex partner, my son was pre diagnosed at that time with SMA, I changed work place, I didn’t have money and I was in argument with my family..

All my life and my son’s life started to change when I decide to change my limiting beliefs, I benefit at that time of the help of an hypnotherapist…

Here is what I started to do…


  • I wrote my limiting beliefs on papers with a pencil(in our subconscious mind, pencil can be delated as our limiting beliefs); think about every complain you have, what you don’t want, what you don’t like…

At that time, I wrote : – a poor educational and medical system for Gabrillian( I’m living in Cyprus, a small island..; the doctors are not good, they don’t listen to me ; I don’t trust them, they know nothing, in France we do like that..ect)


– no financial support ( I was alone, my ex partner was earning less than I was, he can’t help us, the government give no help, nobody to help ect ..)


– no opportunities ( small island, there isn’t any good doctors, no good schools ect..)


– not enough Money, Time


– no cure for my son( on the internet they said there isn’t any cure, the doctors said there is no matter now to find quickly what G has cause there is nothing they can do…)


This was my mindset..


  • Then I reframed all of them :

Those limiting beliefs were only the reflection of my own perception, my way of thinking…I was in the victim hood, complaining and comparing my country, France to Cyprus( how to find people to help me when I constantly make them feel inferior and helpless), I was limiting myself to what I see front of me or heard( and actually I didn’t ask many questions.. I had already figure it all out ; that there is no facilities, help, etc).So, with the help of Mira, hypnotherapist, I decided to change it all, to change my perception…And miracles appear…


I started to questions every limiting beliefs: Is that true?Is that really true?


I wrote the way I wanted to be…what I wanted…I wrote the book of my life.


“My son benefits from the best medical and educational system”.


“Everything that I need to know, it’s revealed to me”. I’ m so thankful and grateful now that I attract  positive people, positive energies, positive opportunities around me”


” Everything that I need it’s coming to me”,” Money is the energy of Love and I am now carrying a lot of Love with me”,etc


I was repeating those sentences all day long, when I was driving, in the morning when I wake up, in the evening before going to bed( even when tired after work and taking care of my son, I was determinated).


  • I listen every day at least one hour to motivational audio recording

for example ‘Louise Hay How to heal your life’.

I did also at that time followed a program that help me to grow confidence, love for myself etc..The first audio recording that I have been listening to was Wallace Wattles The science of being great


I raised my feelings, listen to something that makes me feel good and resonate with my new perceptions of life. It’s kind of getting an approval and escape from your environment that probably doesn’t match with your new way of thinking.Every time, Louise Hay were saying about how our feelings, our thoughts can heal our lives , I believed it stronger and stronger until my faith grow so much that I weren’t going back in my old thought patterns.


Changing my life, healing my life changed completely the life of my son and his health.

Few month later, I got a phone call of my friend Mark telling me that he is now writing a book about Health and he is in contact with great experts, and found amazing gold informations that he’d like to share. He was completely convinced that this could help G , he was needing a case for his book and propose to support me financially in this experience.


So now , I had the best doctors, experts taking care of G, an access to the latest researches in alternative medicines, neuroscience, strong study cases showing that there is a cure,  a financial support, enough money( I also changed my professional situation with a better salary and a great help and support from the management team..) and an extra bonus ( the hotel I was working in, at that time, closed for a  year renovation so I got all the time necessary to travel to the different experts, to  organise and prepare new diet, supplements, juices, massage technics, studies, researches etc…


I am impeccable with my words and I don’t make assumptions:


Potential versus labels


First, I usually don’t say that my son has a muscular dystrophy only for official reasons and for you in order to relate to  us and when I say it I don’t feel the gravity and severity that the internet, media like to point out, my son has a muscle sensitivities and he is very active. Labels are bringing those children into an already projected future with ‘ no cure’ … I prefer to see the potential of my son.


When my friend Mark sent me this case about Ken Presner with MS, I accepted this study case without thinking that it’s different as my son has a muscular dystrophy…


MS and MD are both a chemistry problem affected by neurologic factors and if that’s working for him that can work for my son too. All kids are different, they are all different cases also doctors put them in same boxes according to same symptoms. I didn’t look at the label MS , I looked at the potential, the possibilities.


The first time, I met Dr Raj, he asked me first questions about what is bothering me with Gabrillian, in what he can help…When I explained him about his muscle sensitivities, his recurrent fallings, his belly pain, his recurrent infections,his stools problems etc …He told me that he sees in Gabrillian a lot of potential.


I believe that is the right state of mind to look at the potential of our children.


Hyperactivity can be regulated and sensitivity can be change as a strength..


The power of visualisations


I used to do every day visualisations, I visualise my son being cured.


There is one book that I really recommend to read, it’s called “How your mind can heal your body” by David R. Hamilton. David Hamilton used to work in the pharmaceutical world until he found out the powerful effect of the mind on the body while leading many studies about the placebo effect. He now travel the world offering some workshops for ill people to visualise their own healing .


In his book, he quotes  letters of  persons who have been using with success his visualisations to heal themselves following his advices. He is commenting them to find the best combination to heal the body.


Here some of his advices:


Avoid going against your body, a war against your disease, Love is always the solution..Prefer using an imaginary eraser to rub out abnormal cells..

Collective visualisations are powerful.


Healing can be sent to people, we just need to imagine the healing scene inside them. That’s what I did for my son and using quantum field and the power of colours make it even more efficient ( blue is calming, orange is joyful..)


Forgiveness and self expression. I undergo different process to release the past .One of the most efficient tool for me was to write a letter to the person I felt anger or grief.


Alignment with my actions


I took actions towards my setting goals, for example as I decided to opt for naturopathy and natural alternatives solutions, I started to not go anymore to the doctors every time I got sick  and use natural solutions that I have learned along the process with my son. I also started to learn more about it to finally become herbalist myself . Doing what we preach is a way of getting your own approval. This is really important cause you might find some resistances from your family, friends etc, about this new path you follow.

My mother and my ex partner were against those therapies , they believed mainly in medical doctors
(in France the pharmaceuticals are very powerful), also when they saw my determination and finally the results they changed their mind…My ex partner is still sometimes telling me that he doesn’t believe in those even everybody else can see improvements of G , also he follows my direction about the diet, massages etc…


Reality is really about what we want to see and what we believe.


I made a commitment to what I like to see and keep going in this direction, without listening or looking at other direction and constant actions  and finally it appears into my reality with new possibilities, new doors openings…